Common Types of Excavation Services

You want to leave the job to the experts when you need excavation for your property. Even a minor excavation project can lead to expensive property damage. Also, the wrong use of heavy-duty equipment risks injuries and accidents. Excavating isn’t just about digging the ground. It does not matter if you’ve got a crane or bobcat.  

Unluckily, a lot of homeowners do not know when to hire an expert for excavating services. They believe that they can handle the project by themselves. There are also several contractors who may not realize that particular excavation services are required for different soil types and projects. If you want to guarantee a safe excavation project and prevent property damage, here are several common types of Ontario excavation services: 

Excavation by Soil Makeup or Material 

A couple of excavation is performed according to the material or makeup of the soil. Unique methods and tools are utilized for different soil types. This guarantees efficient and safe excavation.  

Driveway and Roadway Excavation 

Excavation for driveways and roads isn’t as simple as you may think. To offer proper support for concrete or asphalt, the soil under pavement should stay compact. Also, the driveway or roadway will require certain grading to guarantee water runs away from the pavement. This lowers the risk of water damage.  

The soil that surrounds roads and driveways must stay level and compact. This will help prevent the surface from crumbling and affecting the soil under the pavement. When it comes to preparing for a roadway or driveway, it’s crucial not to get rid of too much soil. That’s why it is always ideal to hire a professional, even if you are only installing a small driveway on your property.  

Channel Excavation 

This type of excavation alters the flow of water or enables more water to flow in a particular area. Channel excavation can open up areas of the soil to redirect water if a property is susceptible to flooding. Furthermore, channel excavation helps lessen water stagnation in spots where pooling water exists. 

Drainage Excavation 

Just like channel excavation, drainage excavation is utilized to direct water runoff from one place of your property to another. This type of excavation requires skill and precision. The reason for this is that an excavator has to guarantee there’s enough moisture in the soil so that it properly compacts. Usually, drainage excavation needs accurate soil grading to promote proper water runoff.  

Trench Excavation 

Usually, trenches are required to bury plumbing pipes or power lines. They’re also required if you want to replace old pipes and lines. They are also utilized if you want to install French drain or any type of irrigation system. Furthermore, you may also need a trench if you want to install a particular type of foundation.  

It is crucial that you hire an expert for trench excavation since they’re mainly used to bury plumbing pipes and power lines. If you do it yourself, you might hit existing utility lines. Digging a trench will also require special equipment made to dig narrow and long rows.