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Twin Cities, USA

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I am Andy Wood. I produce drum and bass in Minnesota, USA under the name Woodtekr. My music is minimal and atmospheric. I am inspired by deep space, nature, and all the little sounds in between. Drum and Bass is the perfect platform for swirling multiple styles into one.

I have been into music nearly my whole life. My brother and I were really into breakdancing. This laid the foundation for my appreciation of beat driven music. My parents got me a cheap drum set when I was 6 or 7. I broke it right away and soon got another one. I was introduced to several other instruments during my life but never really settled on one. My older sister got me into New Wave and that influenced me a bunch too. After high school I moved away and started life on my own.

I found my interest in making electronic music in the late 90's. I began listening to a late night college radio station that played only electronic music, and I wanted to start making my own. I began experimenting with the early days of Reason, producing House, Techno and Downtempo. I started producing Drum and Bass in 2012, blending elements of Jazz, House, Techno, and Ambiant. My music began to get noticed when I got my stuff on Soundcloud and my tunes appeared on several Secret Soundcloud mixes.

My first release was Summer 2013 with two tunes on Digital Colours Recordings, followed by a track on the debut compilation album, "The Launch," under the Liquid Boppers label. I have releases due out soon with C-Recordings, Global Energy Recordings, Odyssey Recordings, Liquid Boppers, DNBB, and Mastik. I am currently collaborating with Lady Emz.

This is only the beginning. Recognition is affirming but it is not why I make music. The future is built on experimentation. My music will continue to evolve.

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