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  • mstk014: Candle Light Therapy LP


Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Artist Info

Parhelia, is a russian dnb/jungle producer with special skills in creating deep and melancholic vibes. Parhelia began his musical experiments in 2004 with trip-hop and techno vibes, then moving to jungle music, influenced by wide variety of oldschool drum & bass masters like LTJ Bukem and Future Engineers and inspired by classic science fiction books, space exploration fantasies and 60's-70's synth moods.

With releases on Camino Blue, Santorin, Telluric, Absys and many other labels, and forthcoming material including Advection Music & Odyssey Recordings. The future looks bright.

With Parhelia tracks he consistency always delivers a smooth and melodic atmosphere and warm tone that always has a devastating effect on the dance floor.

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