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  • mstk014: Candle Light Therapy LP


Moscow, Russia

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Hi! My name is Denis, I'm from Moscow. Although, sometimes I think I'm from another part of the galaxy :)

I have been into drum & bass music since I first time heard a song by Aphrodite - Style from the Dark Side. I was very impressed by this kind of music, because it was very different from anything else I've heard before. Broken rhythms, looped samples, irregular sounding — all this stuff created truly a shockwave in my brain. Then I started to dig in a variety of drum & bass artists at the time and after a year of searching, I discovered the world of atmospheric sound. The first track, which led me into the abyss of cosmic sound was the "Who Are You" by Omni Trio remixed by Aquasky. And so, in 2010 I decided to try to create something like that.

I think I achieved some success, such labels as GoodNewsBoppers (UK), Odyssey Recordings (UK) noticed my works. I am very pleased that someone like my music and it evokes emotions.

I love space and everything associated with it, it inspires me, so each of my work permeated with stardust, unknown expanses of the galaxy and the sounds of the universe.

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