Enjoy Life

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  • mstk014: Candle Light Therapy LP

Enjoy Life

Kiev, Ukraine

Artist Info

Enjoy Life is a spiritual sequel of the multigenre sound artist Marian Kitsenko, who has been into music production since 1998 and under his infamous moniker Marc Atmost has made several releases with such labels: Earth Mantra (USA), CTS Records (Ukraine), Offworld Recordings (UK), Diamond Records (Russia), Astrangelyisolatedplace (UK), Mistique Emotion (Georgia), Elemental (Czech Republic), Energostatic Records(Ukraine).

Marian Kitsenko is the founder and owner of Energostatic Records, one of the Ukrainian netlabels, established in 2010, releasing ambient, deep, dub techno, with few episodic dnb/chillstep EPs.

In 2010, he has made a heavyweight drum-n-bass remix of Ukrainian lyric song by folk rock band Haydamaky and in 2012 his track ‘Marc Atmost – Disappear’ was remixed by Allan Cowie aka LM1. The listeners warmly accepted both. Finally, after three years of refining and reworking all the material since day one, the major part of unexposed Marian’s music legacy was just uploaded online and is available now for free download via torrents and social networks. Marc Atmost is no more since June 2012.

So, Enjoy Life has just started in the fall of 2013, as successor project for syncopated beats and tunes, sharing the same detached emotions and affections of the highest order.

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