Deephno - Night Music / Inure Mind

Deephno is just taking the first steps, but on this single it's already possible to judge his potential. Feels a clear, precise style and energy in his music. Enjoy yourself and share with your friends!


Candle Light Therapy LPFrom concept to reality has been done a long way. We cope with all the problems and now present to you Candle Light Therapy LP, a collection of 12 great tracks from talented drum & bass artists from around the world.

This compilation presents a lush sound landscape that ranges from gently ambient to resoundingly intense invites you to explore this new and exciting sonic path. Light the candles and sit back quietly.

This is a brilliant example of what mastik netlabel has to offer!

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Hello everyone!

Today we have updated the site.

A lot of small things have been updated. Now you can login with your Facebook account. Also, you can add releases to favorites. And for those who have not seen a new release from Dan Guidance:

Dan Guidance - Upon Reflection / Feel FreeThe opening track "Upon reflection" starts off with subtle vocals blended by mellow pads and bright atmospherics held together by sharp and punchy percussion. Techy bass make this track feel like it is constantly moving forward.

"Feel Free" is like a summer breeze, unwinding the stress of the day and tickling with gentle jazzy vibes. In addition deep sub bass and filtered chords yields quite an oldschool sound.

Download it now!

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Aural Imbalance

Now we want to tell about Aural Imbalance. It's Simon, he's from Britain. He started making music in 1997. He first bought some studio hardware after being introduced to the studio environment by friend and producer Dave Parkinson, he showed to him his studio setup and they started playing around with some sounds for a early D&B project together. Simon tell us about what music means to him, talk about what he likes in Secrets Of The Sun Recordings, and a kit of interesting things about him.

What's new in your music? What do you plan to offer a new for audience?

I would say that my music just falls into the deeper side of music and can vary from pure ambient right through to the deeper side of D&B, I don't really think that there is anything new about the music I make really it's just about the feelings that I put into each track which I suppose change all the time, of course the technology moves forward all of the time but I firmly believe in using the tried and tested old techniques within my productions as well as using newer ways of producing the music, so it's a blend of the old and the new.

And what mean music for you?

I suppose the most important thing about me as far as music goes is that I like to make very deep ambient electronic music spanning from Drum & Bass to deep spacey house music. I have always been into deep music as far as production goes as for me it's a kind of therapy and makes me feel really relaxed and making spaced out tunes really pacifies me as a person. I find that when I make a track it's a very visual experience in my mind and I really like to try and create a kind of journey in every tune that I make.

What you can say about Secrets Of The Sun Recordings?

I would say that Secrets of the Sun as a label is great as there is a really nice array of different genres of music on the label rather than being just one style so it's a really nice and varied selection of music on there. All of the music has a real good quality to it and a very nice feeling from what I have heard so far so I would say that this has to be a good thing for people who will follow this label.

But what about inspiration?

My inspiration comes from various sources for example other musicians that I listen to, people like BassFlo, Tidal, Ulrich Schnauss, Audapta, Orange & Blue and Pat Foosheen to name but a few inspire me with the music that they make it has such an emotive quality to it that for me I feel you can hear the emotional connection to each track they make, but my inspiration also comes from the area in which I live, im lucky as its only a short walk down to the sea or the countryside so its easy to escape and just listen to some music outside (if the weather is ok), there is something very special about listening to music in the great outdoors it feels more of an organic experience and especially with deep atmospheric music it almost feels like it could be the soundtrack of being outside wandering around.

And for whom are do you create music?

I would say that I create music that is part of who I'm as a individual and it's music that actually pacifies me as a person, so I suppose in some ways the music I make is a kind of therapy for me and a escape, I will always make music on the deeper side of things because that is the sound that I really love myself, I think that if you don't make music to get something out of it yourself when listening back to the tracks then there doesn't seem like there is much point making the music to start with, for me like many other producers it's all about conveying an emotive feeling that comes from within you as a individual. I think that it's a bonus that people like the tracks that I make because it means they are connecting with what I'm trying to do which is cool and I never expected anyone else to like my music at all, my biggest message to people who are starting out to make music is to put everything you have into being yourself within the music that you make.

Any final words, Simon?

I would like to mention the other musicians and labels that I would consider to be my musical family and they are, Tidal, Bass'Flo, Iriann Joyce, Audapta, Ulrich Schnauss, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Soul Objective, Ziyal, Nemanoe, Blok One Rainforest, Orange & Blue, Odd Jay, Matt Harkness, KaLGaN, Okee, Deep Space Andy, Jay Le Roc, MC Smilee, Tommy Scenic, Pat Foosheen, Savvas, Tomi Chair, Rhys Davies, Jahkbass, Ste & Chris @ Movementinsound, Advection Music Crew, Odyssey Records, Matt & Jamie @ Greta Cottage Workshop. The message to the people who have followed my sound over the years is thank you very much for investing part of your lives in following and supporting the sound and music that I make, it really really means a lot to me! For those that are reading this and have not yet heard any of my music then I really hope that you enjoy the tunes when you get to hear some of them!

Interview taken by Tatyana Chubova. Big thanks for permission to publish this interview here!

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kosmonaut - Astral EquationsAstral Equations EP includes four perfectly picked up tracks, delivered by kosmonaut.

One must follow him through a flawless atmosphere to open a trove of spectacular melodies that enveloping and carried away to the distant planets, which are beyond our understanding.

But why not try to imagine it?


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